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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"They know us and look at everything we are taking to make sure it is ok. Great service!"

"Conveniently in town"

"Friendly service. Always helpful when you ask a question and you don't have to wait."

"Very professional. I enjoy that I can pick up my medication, no matter what it is, and feel confident that they'll respect my privacy."

"Convenient for pick up when I'm sick"

"The staff. The comfort and familiarity."



"The people!"

"Friendliness, location, trustworthiness"

"Jessi is the best pharmacist around!"



"Answers all my questions with patience and clarity. Very helpful and understanding when it comes to checking costs of medication. Always helpful to find the most affordable way."

"Great staff and prescriptions are filled fast"

"This is a hometown pharmacy. They are very willing to help and treat you with courtesy and respect."

"They know me when I walk in. If there is an issue with a prescription, they do everything they can to fix the problem. They are always friendly and appear genuinely grateful for the business. Love the hometown feel of the pharmacy."

"Great place to pick up prescriptions. Also, really like all the merchandise that is available."

"Personal service."

"This pharmacy is always helpful!!!!"

"The staff knows who I am"

"Hometown feel"

"Jessie is great!!!! Always answers my MANY questions and so super friendly."

"The staff is very friendly and helpful"

"Your staff!! Hands down!! They are all personable, I love that!! Thank you to everyone that works at Dauber Pharmacy!!!"

"The one on one with the pharmacist. Never having to wait long."

"Cell phone notification"

"Always friendly faces; always willing to help!"

"Convenient and friendly"

"Personal care"

"The service"

"Love the friendly staff!"

"People and convenience"

"I go here instead of the base where I could get my meds for free; you just can't beat the service, kindness, and how fast and efficient they are."


"Convenient; great local business !"


"Customer service"

"Friendly knowledgeable staff."

"Always friendly & helpful service"

"The staff"


"Hometown friendly."

"The Pharmacist"

"Very friendly and convenient."


"Great people and service"

"I love that I call in the med and they usually have it ready when I get there."

"They always have a personal touch to their service."

"Everyone is very personable when I go to pick up my prescription"

"Always friendly and helpful"

"Quality small-town pharmacy."

"They know us & no matter how busy, they acknowledge customers kindly & professionally."

"Very friendly and efficient"

"Very helpful pharmacy staff"

"They know us and give us any information we need regarding our drugs. Always great service and happy employees."

"Close to home and fast service"

"Staff is willing to help you!"

"The friendly and personal customer service from the pharmacists and staff."


"The staff makes you feel very welcome and it's nice to be known by name when you walk in."

"Able to talk with the pharmacist. Compassionate employees."

"Quick & friendly service"

"They know who I am the minute I walk in the door."


"Helpful staff"

"Excellent service. Convenient location."


"The pharmacist and staff"

"Friendly & helpful! The pharmacists always answer all of my questions!"

"The staff and how helpful they are!"

"Amazing pharmacists; very helpful and patient!"

"I like the small-town feel."

"Convenience and great service"

"The people"

"Always so friendly and helpful!!"

"Close to home; the service is top notch; get medications in fast if they don't have them in stock; friendly"

"Nice helpful people!"


"The pharmacist!!!"

You can help Dauber Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!